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Company Profile

SHENZHEN INNO-TECH LIGHTING CO.,LIMITED is a professional manufacturer, specializing in LED lighting product research&development,
 production and sales. Our product range covers LED UFO highbay, LED Linear highbay, LED panel 
light, LED Flood light, LED tri-proof light,led track light , LED downlight, etc.
 Our marketing network has been expanded to over 150 countries and regions, including
 Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We have
 established a reputation for providing high quality LED Lighting products,
 excellent customer service and sound technical advice.
 As a powerful team, all our sales are of over 5-year experience in LED lighting, 
able to answer any questions or assist with any orders. Besides, with more than six 
years’experience in LED lighting industry, our top engineer is dedicated to develop 
high quality and high efficiency LED lighting products.
 Stay with us, make your life brighter & colorful.



Owned and directly controlled by a group of experienced engineers in led lighting, INNO-TECH devotes to providing high-tech and high-quality products to customers around the world.

1) Quality control of the power drivers:

We design the structures of the power drivers, purchase elements, and have a cooperated factory to provide OEM service to us.

Elements suppliers are carefully chosen and longterm cooperated; professional persons are responsible to the procedures from purchasing power driver elements to bringing the whole power drivers back to the manufacturing line.

2) Quality control of the whole lamps

Products must be aging for 48hrs before they are ready to packaged. During the 48hrs aging test, on-and-off test lasts for the first hour. 48hrs later after the lamps are unloaded from the burn-in rack, they will be tested by our QCs.

All of our products are designed and manufactured basaed on standards of CE, ROHS, TUV, FCC, SAA, C-tick, etc. Aiming at providing highly safe and suitable led lamps to every corner of the world.

3) Cooperated with Top brands—Osram, Cree, Citizen, Samsung, LG, Meanwell ,Rubycon, etc.

Well-known LED sources top brands, such as Osram, Cree, Citizen, Samsung, are avaible for customers to choose.

LED technology

LED Technology

1. Lumen(lm)

Lumen is the international unit of lumonous flux, a measure of overall light emitted by a light source.

2. Candela (cd)

Candela is the international(sl) unit of luminuous intensity,a measure of light emitted by a light souce in a particular direction. Any given light source will have different luminous intensities in different direction considered. [candela = lumen/solid angle]

3. Beam Angle [Unit: degree]

Beam angle is the angle betweent two directions for which the luminous intensity is 50% of the maximum intensity as measured in a plan through the nominal beam centerline.Beam angle of a lamp give an idea of how the light beam spread away form the beam center.

4. LUX (lx)

Lux is the international(SL)unit of illuminance, a measure of light arriving at a surface, 1 lumen per square foot equals 1 footcandle, while 1 lumen per square meter equals 1 lux .[lux = lumen/m2]

5. Color Temperature / Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

A black-Body radiator will have different color whent it is heated up to different temperature(in kevin). The Temperature at which the heated black-body radiator matches the color of the light source is the color temperature of the light source.

6. Color Rendering Index (CRI)

In easy terms CRI is the quality of light and is represented by a number from 1 (worse) to 100 (best).  A CRI of 100 means the light has the same quality as sunlight, it is pleasant and all colors look natural.  At CRI of 60 the light has an unpleasant feel and colors look unnatural (for example Skin appears less pink, and hence “unhealthy”)



Why LED?

A:  Because LED can now achieve the necessary light output levels to compete with other sources such as halogen and fluorescent, as well as being much easier to install, and eminently more versatile in their areas of use,
LED’s are now the most discerning option for both domestic and business users.
Apart from offering a very bright, cool running, controlled instant light, LED products can last up to 15 times longer than conventional light sources; use on average 80% less energy to create comparable light levels,
which directly translates into considerable reductions in utility bills, as well as contributing to a sizeable reduction in CO2 emissions.

What is your warranty policy?
A:  INNO-TECH gives a 3 or 5 years warranty to all our products. If any quality problems during warranty period, we will provide solutions, and one to one exchange with shipping cost bear by us.
More details please refer to Warranty Terms….

What is your delivery time?
A:  sample order is 3-7 days, and bulk order is 15-20 days.

What is your Payment method?
A:  T/T in advance for samples; For bulk order, 30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment. Paypal and Western Union are acceptable.

Whether offer OEM / ODM service?
A:  Yes, our R&D team can develop products according your requests. We offer OEM/ODM service to our customers.

What certification about your products?
A:  CE and RoHS for all products, some models have TUV, FCC, SAA, C-tick.

How can I buy?
A:  Send us an inquiry and our experienced saleman will asisit you with their professional knowledge. Upon receipt of an order, we will send you a PI, with all the details of your order.
On reception of the payment, the production is launched and you receive the acknowledgment of payment, which specify you the expected delivery date.

Which shipment?
A: We provide three freight solutions based on the ratio cost/speed you want.
1. Sea Freight Economic, but +/- 30 days.
2. Air Freight to your local airport: 5-6 days.
3. Air Freight Express door to door (Like DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc…) integrating all costs (transfer, customs clearance, and home delivery), perfectly adapted and economic shipment for light products.

If I find any default products, how will INNO-TECH deal with it?
A: Under ITLED’s limited warranty term, if you have any problems with our product, please contact your account manager, indicate the problems or failure you are having and take necessary pictures.
If the quality of faulty product is small, INNO-TECH will ship the free replacement without asking for sending back the faulty ones.
If faulty quantity is big, INNOTECH will ask you to send back the products for repairs.
(Please ensure that products are well packaged, we will not take responsible for any damaged suffered during transportation.) Materials and labor will be free of charge in repairs under warranty.
Transportation expense of returning and replacement are covered by us.

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