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INNO-TECH has launched a new linear fixture

INNO-TECH  has launched a new linear luminaire model with driver and light engine replaceable. INNO-TECH has launched a new linear luminaire model. The new L series luminaires offer excellent value for money, as well as stylish and graceless design. The L series is designed for commercial and storage facilities. Main features:  .Up to 160lm/w ,energy […]

Baseball Field LED Lighting Guide

When it comes to a baseball field, there is no better way to illuminate it than by installing LED lights. Professional sports require bright lighting and that is why LED lights are extremely popular. Their presence has considerably grown in recent years. LED lighting was introduced in 2015 to the NFL bowl. In that same […]

Swimming Pool Led Lighting Guide

Swimming is extremely fun and healthy at the same time. Lighting is considered to be an indispensable aspect of swimming, regardless of existing maintenance or swimming pool installation. INNO lighting is the best manufacturer of swimming pool LED lights. The company assists swimming pool owners throughout the buying to the design process to ensure that the […]

Complete Basketball Court LED Lighting Guide

Wondering which type of light will be suitable for the basketball court? Thinking of using LED lights? Basketball is among the most popular sports in the world. It is played on many different levels and is one of the best activities for students. The basketball court is a rectangular solid plane without any obstacle. For […]

Cricket Ground LED Lighting Guide

Cricket is a British sport that has dominated its former colonies. It is played throughout the world in countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom itself. The International Cricket Cup is one of the most watched sports matches in the entire world. It is only in fourth […]

Buy LED Panel Light For Your Shop

Are you having difficulty adequately lighting up your shop? Are customers not able to see which product is placed in which station? Or do the fluorescent lights you have installed give out flickering light and fuse out, wasting your money? Introducing LED technology for you, which has been around for quite some time. The LED […]