LED emergency lights are now the most frequently used lighting tools. The LED emergency lights are generally powered by emergency power supply. After power failure, they can immediately turn on, they are usually explosion-proof. And can be controlled by an external switch. The light source brightness of the LED emergency light is very good, and the life span is also very long, the battery can be recycled for 1000 times.

The advantages of LED emergency lights:

1, with average life of up to 100,000 hours, long-term free maintenance can be achieved.
2, use a wide voltage design 110 ~ 260V (high voltage model), or 20 ~ 40v (low voltage model).
3, use the anti-glare lamp cover so that the light is more soft, no glare, does not cause the fatigue of the operator’s eyes, improve work efficiency;
4. Good electromagnetic compatibility does not cause pollution to the power supply.
5, the outer casing uses lightweight alloy materials, wear resistant to corrosion, waterproof and dustproof.
6. Transparent parts adopt imported bulletproof rubber materials, high light transmittance, good impact resistance, can make lamps working normally in various harsh environments.
7, the emergency power supply uses polymer lithium batteries, safe and efficient, long service life.
8, humanized design: can automatically or manually switch emergency features.

LED emergency lights are more and more popular in our lives, but it not only has a brightness of the light source, but it also has a very good emergency function, even if it is powered off, it can be provided to ensure it works.