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isolated or non-isolated power supply for led lights

  • May-24-2017
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what is the difference between isolated and non-isolated power supply for led lights ?

The isolated power supply using a transformer to convert 220V voltage  to a lower voltage, then rectified into DC voltage for output power supply. Because the primary coil of the transformer withstand 220V voltage, the secondary coil only withstand low AC voltage output, and there is not a direct connection between primary and secondary coils, so it was called isolated power supply.

The non-isolated power supply with 220V input to the electronic circuits, electronic components step-down output, input and output is connected directly through the electronic components, so called non-isolated power supply.

So we can we the main difference between isolated or non-isolated power supply is whether it have a transformer. However, some manufacturers in order to save costs, extract the low-voltage from main coil tap, this approach appears to have a transformer, but it don’t actually adopt the secondary coil, this can not be regarded as isolated power!

The advantages of the isolated power supply is: it will not pose a threat to the human body, wide voltage performance is very good, isolated power supply voltage ranging  60-300V. The level of current is uniform.

Isolated power supply safe but less efficient however.The circuit structure of isolated power supply is more than AC / DC Flyback (Flyback) circuit scheme, so the circuit is more complex relatively, which increase its cost. Non-isolated power supply use basic DC / DC step-up (Boost) or buck (Buck) circuit,is relatively simple compared with isolated power supply, and thus the cost is relatively low.

Current precision: Isolated can be done within ± 5%,while it is difficult for no-isolated power supply to achieve this goal.

Application areas:from LED lighting to the mains input power, in line with the principle of safety first, we recommend user and buyer to use  isolated power supply for all their lighting applications or projects,anyway, human itself is the biggest fortune.

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