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LED Flood Light

As you may be aware, flood lights are used so they can illuminate a large portion of an area. For instance, you are most likely to see these flood lights being used outdoors in spaces such as a large back garden or a sporting event such as a football pitch. With this in mind, what bulb is needed for outdoor flood lights? There are various options, so let us explain.

Halogen light bulbs of one of the types of bulbs that you can opt for. Despite being very bright making them viable for outdoor lighting, they are, however, fairly inefficient and are prone to having a short lifespan - hence why they are first on our list.

High-Intensity Discharge flood lights (known as HIDs for short) last around 3 times as long as halogen light bulbs. Although, one thing worth mentioning is that exposure to broken HID lights that feature defective UV-blocking filters tends to cause health risks - which is not ideal.

Fluorescent flood lights serve as the penultimate option for buyers. They often serve as a viable option due to their respectable lifespan, although they are prone to a few issues. One of which is that exact lifespan, overuse of your outdoor flood lights can dampen the expectancy of your bulbs remaining operational.

Lastly are LEDs (or Light Emitting Diode) flood lights. We believe that LED flood exterior lights are the best outdoor lights that you can obtain for the outdoor area of your home. LEDs produce less energy than fluorescent lights whilst also being able to remain operational for roughly 50,000 hours. Resulting in the most efficient light bulb for your flood lights.

What Are The Best Outdoor Flood Lights?

Regarding what are the best outdoor flood lights, INNO-TECH LIGHTING CO.,ltd host a wide array of options :130lm/w Classica Slimline led flood light ,170lm/w Sun series led flood light ,170lm/w Pro CCT LED Flood light , We host a variety of different power options in terms of wattage. From 10w to 500w, we ensure that your home security requirements are met, whilst being energy-efficient in the process.

Should you require more outdoor security with your security light set up, we also host LED flood lights that feature a PIR sensor. Due to the fact that this features motion detection, this will strengthen the level of security for your home. In addition, thanks to the U-shaped brackets displayed on this flood light, you are able to easily install as well as adjust the flood light to tailor it to the exact direction you require.

On top of this, all of the LED flood lights that we provide for your outdoor lighting are IP65 rated. This means that they will remain operational for roughly 50,000 hours even during the rainier seasons.

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