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8 most important components for LED panel lights

  • Jun-21-2023
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With the development of LED light industry, the LED panel light derived from LED backlight has the advantages of uniform light, no glare and exquisite structure, and is loved by many people. It is the new trend of modern interior lighting. LED panel lights components can be divided into below 8 categroies.

1. Panel light aluminum frame:

Aluminum frame is the main channel for LED cooling, the appearance is simple and generous, you can use ZY0907 die stamping mold with low cost, low processing costs; die-cast aluminum frame IP grade can be higher, the surface texture is good, the overall appearance more beautiful, but the early mold costs is a bit higher.

2.LED light source:

LED Panel lights are usually using SMD3528 as lighting source, some people use SMD3014 and SMD5050. SMD3014 and SMD5050 led chip cost is low low, slightly less luminous efficiency, the biggest problem is the design of its light guide network a bit difficult. SMD3528 LED chip with high efficiency light and common adaptability.

3.LED light guide plate:

The side of the LED light refraction through the outlets so that the light is derived from the front, the light guide plate is key point for LED panel lamp quality control. If LED light guide plate network design is not good, the overall light efficiency will be poor. Light guide plate to improve the light efficiency mainly by the design of the network, followed by the quality of the plate, but buyer should not superstitious to brand name light guide plate material, light transmittance between different plates is generally the same. Manyl small LED lamp factories used to buy and direct use of the public light guide plate which you do not need to re-proofing and design, public version light guide plate which many manufacturers adopted usually the quality is acceptable.

4.LED diffuser:

Uniformly export the light from light guide plate, and play a fuzzy network role. Diffusers generally use acrylic 2.0 plate or PC material, while PS material is a bit worse, acrylic with a lower cost and light transmittance slightly higher than the PC, but acrylic brittle aging resistance is weak, the price of PC is slightly expensive, but the anti-aging properties more stronger. After diffusers installed, light spot can not be seen, and the transmittance should be about 90%. Acrylic transmittance is 92%, PC is 88%, PS is about 80%, we can choose according to the needs of diffuser material , currently majority of manufacturers are using acrylic materials.

5. Reflective paper:

Reflect the remaining light from the back of the light guide plate to improve light efficiency, generally RW250.

6. Rear cover:

The main role is to seal the LED panel light, generally it adopt 1060 aluminum, and also play a role in cooling.

7. Power supply:

There are currently two kinds of LED power supply, one is the constant current power supply, this kind with high efficiency, PF value up to 0.95, cost-effective; The other kind is constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, This power supply is mainly for western market which has certain certification requirements, must use a safety power supply. In fact, it is very safe to use constant current power supply in the house, because users are difficult to access the AC power supply, and the lamp itself uses a safe low-voltage DC electricity.

8. Install kits:

Suspension wire, mounting brackets and other accessories for mounting fix.

From the quality control point of view, to increase the light efficiency by spend additional money on LED light source and LED light guide is the most effective, from the marketing point of view, spend additional money in aluminum frame, cover,installation kits and so on can improve product quality.

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