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Product Description

INNO-TECH' s LED Continuous Linear Track Lights is a cutting-edge lighting system designed to revolutionize your space with its versatility, efficiency, and seamless integration. Our led continuous linear track light is with below advantages :


Unleashing Versatility:

LED Continuous Linear Track Lights offer unparalleled versatility when it comes to lighting design. The linear track system allows for effortless installation and reconfiguration of the lights, enabling you to adapt and modify the lighting layout as needed. Whether you require focused spot lighting, uniform illumination across a large area, or the ability to create dynamic lighting scenes, our led linear track lights provide the flexibility to achieve your desired lighting vision.


Energy Efficiency at Its Finest:

In an era where energy conservation is imperative, LED Continuous Linear Track Lights shine as a beacon of efficiency. Equipped with advanced LED technology, these lights consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting fixtures. By making the switch to LED, you can significantly reduce energy consumption, lower utility costs, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, all while enjoying brilliant and efficient lighting.


Superior Lighting Performance:

LED Continuous Linear Track Lights excel in delivering exceptional lighting performance. With high-quality Philips LED chips, these fixtures produce bright and uniform illumination, enhancing visibility and creating an inviting atmosphere. Our led continuous linear track lights offer impressive color rendering properties, ensuring that objects and spaces appear true to life. Furthermore, the longevity of LED technology ensures a long lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.


Customizable Lighting Solutions:

One of the standout features of LED Continuous Linear Track Lights is their adaptability to different lighting needs. The track system allows for easy integration of various lighting modules, including spotlights, pendants, and linear luminaires. This versatility enables you to create tailored lighting solutions for different areas within your space, accommodating specific tasks, highlighting focal points, or adapting to changing requirements. The modular nature of the system provides endless possibilities for creative lighting design.


Seamless Integration and Aesthetic Appeal:

LED Continuous Linear Track Lights are designed to seamlessly integrate into any architectural setting. The sleek and minimalistic profile of the fixtures adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. Whether your interior design is contemporary, industrial, or traditional, these led linear track lights effortlessly blend in, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the environment.


Enhanced Lighting Control:

LED Continuous Linear Track Lights offer advanced lighting control options. With compatible dimming systems, you can adjust the light output to create the desired ambiance or adapt to different activities or moods. 

Model NoIT-LTL-4F-50W-AIT-LTL-4F-60W-A
Input Power50W60W
DimensionL1137* W46 * H28mmL1137* W46 * H28mm
Light Source
Beam Angle60° / 90°/ Asymmetric 25°/Double Asymmetric 25°
Input Voltage220~240VAC220~240VAC
Lumens efficiencyCRI80:>125lm/w at 4000k
Warranty5 years5 years
    Using PHILIPS chip, Up to 125lm/w
    Advanced design LEDiL lens, with first-rate lighting control effect
    High CRI 90 is available
    UGR<19 optional
    Boke driver ,Flicker free
    Patent design ,46mm width,more compatible with track rail
    Easy installation ,labor cost saving

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